Seabirds You Might Spot Around Daytona Beach Inns

Seabirds You Might Spot Around Daytona Beach Inns

Daytona Beach is full of wonderful sights to see and things to do but perhaps one of its most attractive and compelling features is the wealth of wildlife you get to witness whenever you visit. If you are a nature lover staying at one of the Daytona Beach Inns, don’t be too surprised when you get to witness a range of seabirds while strolling around. Instead, keep your camera ready and perhaps a guidebook too so that you can identify all the magnificent creatures you will come across your trip!

Here are some of the most popular bird species you might spot during your Daytona Beach vacation:


There are so many various types of seagulls you are going to come across during your visit to this area – the Laughing Gull and Herring Gull being most prominent. The Herring Gull can be identified with its gray body and pink legs while the Laughing Gull sounds like they’re laughing when they make their call.


You may spot this Florida shorebird walking along the shore or in shallow waters and hear them prominently with their loud and shrill call. Instead of flying away when approached, this long-legged specie is likely to make its escape running with its wings spread out, instead of flying!

Brown Pelicans

You will come across the large Brown Pelican that can be seen gliding along with its long wings bowing out. Thin necks and long bills will help you identify them and if you’re lucky, you might even witness them plunging down to grab a fish while flying over the water, using their stretchy throat pouch to catch one.

Next time you’re visiting Daytona Beach, keep an eye out for these birds and many more that you’ll see flying or foraging around the shore. Ms. Maggie’s South Country Inn is located in the perfect spot for you to make the most of your vacation, surrounded by abundant nature as well as history and culture.

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