About The Inn
About The Inn

Bed And Breakfast Daytona Florida –
Meet Ms. Maggie

Get to know Ms. Maggie - the mind behind the top bed and breakfast Daytona Florida residents and guests trust most!









Ms. Maggie has been in the service industry her whole working life! Whether as a hairdresser, chef, server, or bartender, Ms. Maggie has always enjoyed making people feel relaxed and comfortable. With a passion for home renovation and décor as a hobby for 20 years, Ms. Maggie's servant's heart was looking for a new project. When the thought emerged to take on a Bed and Breakfast Daytona Florida became the obvious choice – obvious because Ms. Maggie is also a motorcycle enthusiast and had visited Daytona Beach during many Bike Weeks.

The Cherry on Top

In 2020, Ms. Maggie was floored when she came upon the then German Berl’ Inn in the Historic Daytona Beach area. She knew she found her new home a new project. This majestic old home was run down and neglected, but Ms. Maggie was determined to restore this old girl back to one of the best BNBs in Daytona Beach.