About The Inn
About The Inn

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Our History

Discover the history behind the bed and breakfast Daytona Beach has embraced.








Our Bed & Breakfast is a historic home in Downtown Daytona Beach. The building was  originally a church until the late 40's when it became The Coquina Inn – named after the amazing native Coquina Stone it is built from. The Inn was built in 1912 of Stone from the Tomoka River Basin.

It was designed by Daytona Beach architect S.H. Grove for Dr. Fredrick J. Walters who served as a parsonage for the City’s first Methodist Church for 35 years. In 1947, Ann Christofferson – Dr. Fredrick’s daughter – along with Dennis Height as the manager, The Coquina Inn came to be. In 1947, the Inn was switched from an oil-burning furnace to natural gas and electric.

It has been in operation for more than 30 years with many different Inn Keepers. Thanks to the various owners who made different upgrades, you can experience an interesting eclectic feel to the home.

Reviving The Stately Old Beauty to Its Original Glory

Ms. Maggie spied this home in 2020 and just knew there was a stately old beauty lurking behind all the overgrown shrubbery & vines. So, we took a chance, and we are now bringing this gem back to its original glory. Come join us and enjoy the sounds and sights only Historic Downtown Daytona Beach has to offer.

Ms. Maggie’s South Country Inn is designed for comfort, safety & a memorable lodging experience for our guests. Breakfast included. A treat!

We offer lunch & dinner too!